• Tshavuka Tours & Safaris

    At Tshavuka Tours we offer self-catering travel and much more. With our tours, we impart the culture of the Himba to our guests on site. Evenings around the campfire share exciting stories about African tradition and the lives of the locals. Depending on your wishes, our tours lead from Namibia over Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania to Kenya.

    Join us on a journey into the heart of African culture. Feel the rhythm that has been beating in people's hearts for centuries, and the sound of the mighty lion that echoes across Savannah. Our tours are closely linked to the local culture. Become part of this African safari and make your dream come true.

    We offer tailor-made tours that are tailored exactly to your wishes. Special bird watching tours are also possible, as are classic animal safaris, which are guaranteed to see the Big Five - leopards, lions, elephants, rhinos and buffalos. We also offer guided tours with a focus on plant life and geology. All tours guarantee the pure Africa experience.

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